Why Aarth works ?

Personalized Learning

Aarth makes learning intriguing and allow students to learn at their pace in order to get maximum knowledge.

Simple Content

Video and Articles covers concepts and fundamentals to make the learning effective and long lasting.


Certification of Participation from CDSL after completion of course.

Program Features

We strive on delivering the knowledge which is in-depth yet simple to have a better understanding of the concepts.


Aarth’s team constantly focus on providing the content which are updated and creates a great learning experience.

Actual Questions

The course answers all the questions related to financial education which will help in decision making thought process and achieving one’s financial goals for future.

Platform Features

User Friendly

Our team is endeavoured towards making the user journey smooth and ease to navigate around the platform.

Accessible on all devices

Aarth is a platform designed with the help of advanced technology to support learning on-the-go.

No Cost Learning

In the age of E-learning, where every learningcomes at a cost, Aarth believes in spreading the knowledge without considering cost for their users.

User Journey
Sign Up for the course

Users will come to the page and sign up.

Enrolment for Course

After login users will enroll for the course and start learning through the content provided.


After completion of course, user will be allowed to play the quiz.

Certificate of Participation

To the get the certificate for the course, user will have to participate in the quiz.

Success So Far
Registered users
Certificate given
Mumbai, Maharashtra

The overall platform is good. I have been using the platform for quite some time now. The insights provided by the speakers on the respective subjects are impressive. I am looking forward to gaining more insights into the personal finance space.

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

The speakers explained the concepts effectively and they were easy to understand. I was looking for a certification and found the best personal finance course on the internet by CDSL. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Sholapur, Maharashtra

I was not expecting such a platform with this level of content, I’m amazed, I have read articles written by one of the speaker and the way she delivered the concepts on the video was absolutely outstanding, waiting for the other courses to be published soon.